From Bookstandard: Overlook Press' Tracy Carns Launches The Rookery Press

Overlook Press' Tracy Carns Launches The Rookery Press

October 24, 2006 By Kimberly Maul

Tracy Carns, the long-time publishing director of The Overlook Press, will launch a new independent publishing company, The Rookery Press, with its first title, Patrick Süskind’s On Love and Death, set to be released on Nov. 28.

“The goal is to publish a tightly-chosen list of titles by good authors,” Carns said in a statement yesterday. “Books that are serious, interesting, well-designed and well-produced. Other than that, there are really no rules.” The new company will publish 12 titles its first year and eventually get to 20 titles a year. Carns plans to focus on serious nonfiction, some literary fiction, reprints, drama, and illustrated books in the areas of fashion, interiors, design, art, theatre, and film.

“I’m hugely excited about looking for unusual opportunities and alliances and exploring the potential in publishing a smallish list,” Carns said. “There’s flexibility in being small.” The Rookery Press will work in association with Overlook Press and will operate in the offices of Overlook in New York.