SNITCH JACKET now in paperback

Christopher Goffard's Edgar-nominated neo-noir novel SNITCH JACKET is just out in paperback. Chris attended the SCIBA Author's Feast this past weekend as a finalist for the T. Jefferson Parker Mystery Award.


Snitch Jacket is a great read, full of the blood and grit of true announces the arrival of a great new writer in Christopher Goffard.” —Michael Connelly

Snitch Jacket is a wonder of sentences that sing . . . the sights and smells and fast talking are all so memorable that we can't help looking forward to what comes next from this talented writer's mind and pen.” —Sarah Weinman, Los Angeles Times

“Goffard's prose shimmers with intelligence and humor, and he has a keen ear for telling detail. Fans of such cultish neo-noir scribes as Charlie Huston and Duane Swierczynski will be richly rewarded.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

“In its dark vision [Snitch Jacket] would probably give Raymond Chandler night sweats . . . you won't close it until the last page.” —Gregory McNamee, St. Petersburg Times

“Goffard writes like an angel and plots like a demon.” —Guardian (UK)

“Benny Bunt hangs around what may be the scummiest bar in SoCal . . . A big payday is coming . . . as in a Tarantino screenplay.” —New York magazine

“Christopher Goffard sees Southern California with a keen eye, and he writes with an incandescent humor that is remarkable. Pull up a seat at the narrator's favorite bar—the Greasy Tuesday—and enjoy the madness going on around you.” —T. Jefferson Parker