PIANO, PIANO, PIENO on sale November 13

PIANO, PIANO, PIENO: Authentic Food from a Tuscan Farm by Susan McKenna Grant

Piano, Piano, Pieno is full of … spectacular pasta recipes . . . delicious results.” —Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Slowly, slowly, full” is how the lovely Italian phrase piano, piano, pieno translates, and it describes to perfection the experience of this book and the Slow Food movement, begun in Italy to promote a style of cooking with fresh, local ingredients, cooked classically, with attention and care. More than 200 hundred recipes, accompanied by evocative narratives of farm life and gorgeous color photographs of the food and the region, take the reader deep into the secret rural places of Italy, including the author’s spectacular organic farm/agriturismo, La Petraia. Unusual in its scope and depth,
Piano, Piano, Pieno is an indispensable addition to any serious cook’s library.

“A lovely book that speaks with confidence and authority about Italian food traditions...The recipes are clear and inviting, the writing gracefully informative.”
—Naomi Duguid, author of Hot Sour Salty Sweet

Piano, Piano, Pieno is a hymn to the joy of pure, Italian cooking, by a woman who has lovingly nurtured an ancient Tuscan farm into an abundant renaissance. Susan McKenna Grant's recipes, for such delights as pappa al pomodoro, ciabatta, or bigoi in salsa, are clearly presented, and sing of the magical simplicity of Italian country cooking. She writes with gusto of the rich history, in some cases almost forgotten, of the foods and traditions of her adopted Italian home. Bravissima!" —Lorenza de Medici, author of Italy, the Beautiful Cookbook and Tuscany, the Beautiful Cookbook

learn more about La Petraia at www.lapetraia.com